MSA-Livingston Lessons

Players are different. They come in all sizes and shapes, abilities and potential. At MSA-Livingston we understand that no two players are alike and we emphasize that our goal is to help your son or daughter improve their skills. This means we don't rely on cookie-cutter, "one-size-fits-all" routines. We develop each student's instruction on an individual basis.

There are a few options to choose from in regard to your son or daughter's instruction:

Development 4-Pack

The Development 4-Pack lesson package includes four one-hour lessons with an MSA instructor. Lessons can be hitting, pitching, defense or as a player advances a combination of skills. Cost for the Development 4-Pack is $180.

Buddy Lessons

For players who like to work in small groups, the Buddy Lesson program allows for players to work with a friend or two or three, if the case may be. Groups larger than four need to call and discuss options and rates. Like the Development 4-Pack, the Buddy Lesson program is four one-hour lessons.

- 2 players are $110 per player for four one-hour lessons

- 3 players are $85 per player for four one-hour lessons

- 4 players are $75 per player for four one-hour lessons

Team Lessons

MSA instructors are available to work with teams on various skills. To arrange for program, contact MSA to options and pricing.  


Karl Kling, a veteran of 27 years of baseball coaching (including 15 years at the collegiate level) is the primary instructor at MSA-Livingston. Coach Kling will provide lessons to baseball players in all facets of the game, as well as softball players in hitting and defense. Either contact MSA-Livingston by phone (517-552-9000), email (coachkling@msa-livingston.com) or online to reserve a spot.

Tim Bailey, an 16-year coach in the Howell area (with several years prior in Indiana), is a quality softball instructor. Coach Bailey is the primary softball pitching coach, as well as being able to provide quality instruction on all aspects of softball. To reserve a time with Coach Bailey, contact the MSA-Livingston office at (517) 552-9000.

Other instructors may be assigned as needed. MSA utilizes coaches and players from Cleary University baseball and softball teams frequently.